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2day 1.60 (001)
"Carpe Diem (seize the day)"

Product highlights:

- "Today" type application - detailed list of all of your calendar & to do items.
- Preview of next 7 days, week view.
- Call,SMS,Email to numbers/emails in meetings & tasks.
- Internal launcher for apps.
- Tight interface with DateBk6 and Agendus.
- Highly customizable.
- Multitude of new features - category filtering, templates for alarm clock & timer creation, coloring today meetings, ...
- No stylus operation, plus TRUE 5-way navigator support.
- Skinnable (for Treo users - use images from your camera).

- An icons bar shows the status of your Voice mail (*), Missed calls (**), Alerts, Text/Voice memos, IM, SMS, Emails, Battery, Free memory.

(*) - Treo devices (depending on carrier).
(**) - All Palm SmartPhones.

- Supports Plugins. Some examples:

4cast: 5-day weather forecast plugin:

Quick News: News reader plugin:

i-Bar plugin: A "dial by photo" plugin:

And many more...