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TAKEphONE 7.80 (build 001)
"Take telephony into your Palm"

Product highlights

- No stylus operation and one-handed dialing.
- Advanced search - search all fields, multiple methods, field combinations.
- Extra digits & pauses - from any phone field in any contact.
- Call cards mechanism - define scripts for using calling cards automatically.
- Capture - dial, sms, email, browse & search the internet for numbers & text from other apps.
- Skinnable - get TAKEphONE skins here...
- Plugins - show more information in main page - including 4cast info.
- i-Bar - call contacts or launch apps and URLs by photo - can be used as a single line for fast access from main screen, or as a full-screen launcher.

Note: If you are looking for the older 7.70 built-in skin - get it here...

Product overview

Find screen:
Has two modes - 'list' view & 'buttons' view.
You can also dial numbers manually by typing them here.
New: Now you can even start an Internet search on text you enter here !

Call-log screen:
Shows all the call-log entries. You can filter the list by category
(incoming, outgoing etc.), by date (all call on a specific day), or by
For every entry - you can view the call details, and call, SMS, add to
the address book, lookup numbers, schedule calls for later on, view
previous calls to that contact, or even search it on the internet.

Speed-dial screen:
Arrange your favourites on a large on-screen 2x5 buttons array for
easier 'finger' dialing. You can also dial by holding a HotKey, or typing
the favourite entry index.
For every highlighted entry - press SPACE to allow calling that contact
using its other phone fields, or staring an SMS that number.